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About Me

My Experience

Throughout my career, I have been actively involved in the implementation of automation and data-based management programs and services.  My focus on strategic planning has allowed me to work with many thought leaders across a variety of verticals across the globe, including health care, logistics, and construction information services.  Since 1995 I have focused my efforts on the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, and specifically on the transition of that industry from hardcopy records (CAD and document based) to electronic data management of very large and complex data sets that legacy workflows simply cannot accommodate.

While others may offer "digital" services, I make a personal commitment to find the right solution for my clients.

My Approach

In today's world of evolving digital strategies, managing information requires much more than acquisition of hardware and adoption of existing software platforms.   By focusing on client requirements, RushDCS will recommend and implement solutions based on need, not on packaged software systems which are often inadequate, inflexible, and expensive.

My approach is based on the logistics of project management on a global basis, with an emphasis on interoperability and synchronization across multiple silos of data

Whether your needs include simple archiving of digital information or complex systems requiring integrations with third party systems...

RushDCS can deliver! 

Scope of Services

I take care to provide my clients with personalized services based on  heir unique requirements, addressing a variety of challenges faced in today's construction environment, including:

Cloud-based Project Management Solutions

3D Scan Solutions

Archive Solutions

Field Workflow Solutions

Print Services Coordination

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